Wednesday, August 18, 2010


 She's all done, except for her base. I may finish the piece of wood she's on and use that, or I may do something else. I don't want to call attention to it, whatever it is. I'm happy with how it came out, though it was a learning process to me sure! Her ruffles are the same printed organza that's on her bodice and underskirt. It was a fun project and I'll try it again, especially since I bought a pasta roller just for this purpose!
 The 'fabric" on her dress is self-printed organza bonded to a sheet of sculpey. Takes a little getting used to. The next one will be better!
I baked two tiny spheres to use as her eyeballs. It was easier to get the eyes somewhat even. I've never used glass eyes, partly because They can be pricey and partly because I like painting eyes!

For those of you wondering where the Godmother and Godfather are, they're coming along! I added sculpey hair. She got chopsticks or knitting needles and he got a lovely tiara! Now to dress them! 


Gin said...

You sure do keep busy! I love the expression on her face and I think you manage to do an amazing job with facial expressions on all your works of art! I'll be bummed when you go back to school if it means the creations won't be pumped out anymore!

Flora's Pond said...

I'm hoping with the newly organized space and all, and the encouragement (aka:nagging) of my friends that I will continue working.

Ang said...

nag! nag! nag!

boy its fun to see them come along.

WingingIt said...

divine darling!!!
i hope to repeat the mixed media class again!!!
would love to see you there!!