Friday, April 13, 2012

Flora's Pond

From the blog description:
Years and years ago (1988?), I had a dream that I was in a diner in the middle of nowhere. It was called Flora's Pond. The woman who ran the place, Flora, served steaming bowls of primordial soup, which she got directly from a hole in her kitchen floor, where the primordial soup of creation hadn't yet hardened. The soup was known for its rejuvenative qualities. This dream has stuck with me all these years. This blog is my attempt to follow the path that leads me to Flora's Pond, to find what feeds my body and soul.
Throughout the years, I've thought that Flora's Pond would be the name of whatever business I created. It's generally been used to describe my artwork and I tried very hard for a number of years to make a living from art. It never worked out, but still Flora's Pond endures. I've broadened the idea of what the image means to me. My life is not just about art, it's also about food and gardens and teaching and health and green living. Inspiration is to be found at every turn, whether it be a new recipe or a new craft. I have had separate blogs for art and food, but now, I'm putting everything together. It's all part of the spectrum of what makes up my life; it's all part of Flora's Pond.

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