Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Welcome to the Pond!

A few decades ago (just about three, actually), while sleeping on the cold hard floor of a Connecticut condo and attending graduate school in costume design, I had this dream. In the dream, a woman named Flora ran a diner called Flora's Pond. She served up primordial soup from a spot in the Earth where it hadn't completely hardened. When people were in need of recharging their batteries, or completely bereft of hope, they went to Flora's Pond to get a steaming bowl and a sympathetic nod.

My life has experienced twists and turns, but this dream has never left me. I've interpreted it many years, depending on my current worldview, but Flora and her pond exist beyond and explanation I may have for them. I hope you will enjoy my journey as I explore my creative whims and fancies.

In what I call my "real world," I am a reading teacher, but my soul is truly in this work.

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