Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Stacie Made Me Do It

It all started with Stacie wanting to come over and have a craft day at my house. I had no idea what I would work on. I had a couple projects in the works, but nothing had really taken off. I haven't made a doll in years, yet, when we sat down to work, that's what I started with! I made the face first, just playing with the features and seeing what would happen. I had thought to make a monster because I had a big styrofoam ball to make the body with. Somehow, it took on cat-like features, having to do with something Stacie was saying. Then hands and toes that needed claws. The feet will have spats, I know that much! Like fingerless gloves, only on the feet. I usually do a wire armature, then pad it our with newspaper, then instant paper mache and sometimes batting. This time, I'm using a styrofoam ball for the body, but know the position of the body needs to be stable, or it will fall over. It has a tail, but I don't want to rely on it for stability. So here it goes! Let's see where this takes me! I found out how much I miss this kind of work. It's like storytelling and sculpture and costuming all in one. I never had a lot of success selling my work, but don't want to use that as an excuse not to do it, anymore!

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