Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day Two

Day two and the paper mache has dried enough to be more stable, but is still somewhat plastic. Time to put the parts together. It makes it more difficult to costume, but I am a stickler for gesture! I told my friend Stacie yesterday my dolls are NOT poseable, only I said it in a German accent! "You vould not repose Michelangelo's David! You vill not pose my dolls!" Not that I am Michelangelo, or even close, but you get the idea.

One of my friends, after seeing pictures has said it was a lion, and I agree. I love how when something clicks in place, all the other options are closed and the creative path has veered and a destination is defining itself. Other than the fact that it will be wearing a vest and maybe a tailcoat and be holding a walking stick, a lot is still up in the air. I told Stacie, I don't usually have a complete idea of what something is going to look like when I start. I enjoy meandering and discovering!


Trin said...

When you begin you probably have an eventual pose in mind, even if you aren't quite sure. Sometimes it seems like these projects become themselves without thinking on our part.
I can see why the 'lion' comment has come out. I see him with a diamond headed walking stick and black spats above those wonder toes. Maybe a ring on a finger.
I'd love to make these too Kathleen. I know how to do papier mache but what do you use for the toes, face, etc. ?

Flora's Pond said...

This one is Super Sculpey. I sometimes use paperclay. Thsi one is a bit different in method from what I normally do because I just started playing with the face on a strofoam ball. I usually start with a wire armature then add details and features. Maybe for the next one, I'll do a more how-to step by step.