Thursday, July 8, 2010

All Coiffed!

Well, his hair is done! I only used a small portion of the fur that was on the old hat I salvaged! I got the tail painted and the fur tip on. He's getting there! I'm glad I decided to put the fur on before I started his outfit. He sure does not need a lot of detail on his collar, since half his chest is covered in hair! I'll start costuming tomorrow.

In other news, I made a little impish thing for the back of the camel. Once it's painted, I'll glue it facing more front. Right now, it needs the hand to support its position. I had made some of these littly guys a few years ago and wanted to make molds of them and cast them, but I'm just not so good at the manufacturing process, so I think I'll just make them OOAK!

So, since I was on a Sculpey roll, I started making one of the armatures into something.  This one will be painted and costumed in white tones with scraps and bits of things. It will either be set on something or it will hang. I'm thinking it will be flying.

So, that's what I did today!


Gin said...

Holy cow you've been busy! Fabulous!

Ang said...

Lovely work! I get attached to things I see, such as the current position of the imp on the camel! Are you looking for that sort of feedback, or is it disruptive?

Flora's Pond said...

Never, Ang! I welcome it, especially from such an artist as yourself!