Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fire Sale!!!

Since I've started making things again, I'd like to clear out some of the old pieces that have been cluttering up my space! If you're interested in any of these guys, let me know. I may post them on etsy later, but thought I'd post them here, first.

The one above  is The Would-Be Gentlemen. He's a character from a Moliere play. He dresses up in what he thinks is haute couture, only to find himself looking like a fool. This is one of the most ridiculous eras in men's fashion. He is almost 18" tall, bedecked with silk, and antique lace.

This one, I call The Count. This 17th century dandy is an experiment in monochrome. I dyed and/or painted his fabrics. He is about 17" tall. I'd take $200 obo for this one.

This is the Rose Warrior. His story is that he was one of the most powerful knights in the land and when he heard there was an enchanted princess, he had to try his luck, even though all others had failed. He reached the thorny rose hedge that surrounded the castle and heard the most beautiful singing. This spurred his to start hacking away at the brambles. Little did he know the enchanted princess was the rose hedge and he had destroyed her. He spent the rest of his days tending the rose hedge, bringing it back to life, bit by bit. In old age, he dies in the arms of the hedge, now become a spirit, who takes him away, but not before he hears her beautiful voice and looks into her eyes.

This one features hand-tooled leather pieces and silk garments. If you have a soft spot for this piece, let me know. I mostly want to find him a home.

If you're interested in any of these pieces, let me know. The first two, I'd like to get ~$200 for, the last one, ~$150. Prices may be negotiable and might barter for these guys. It's time they (and I) moved on!


Ang said...

I have never seen then Rose Warrior, I don't think. It's good to see these again.

Gin said...

I've never seen the Rose Warrior either. He's lovely!

I would buy all your dolls if I could Kathleen, they are so expressive and beautiful. Alas! I cannot!

However, if you do not find a home for the Rose Warrior, let me know. I'm over my doll budget for this month, but maybe in a little while I could do something.

Flora's Pond said...

It's so funny that you both like the one that's not my favorite of the three, except that I love his story. Okay, I love him, but I didn't think he was that appealing.

Gin, we'll work something out. I'd like him to go to someone I know.

Gin said...

Cool. Keep me in mind, let's talk in a few weeks or so?