Monday, July 5, 2010

It's a Camel!!

So after Ang's Cyclops sat on top of my creature and after I decided it had curly toes, I decided it is definitely a camel! I'll need to refine the shape as the paperclay dries.

Here's a profile with his curly toes. I think he'll have an imp or djinn on his back. Maybe a cute little saddle with fringe.

Speaking of djinn, I've made some little armatures for little sculpey something or others.

 They look like this right now. No idea what they'll look like. Okay, I have some ideas, but nothing solid until I get clay on them.


Gin said...

Most excellent camel!

Ang said...

can't wait to see what's next! oh oh oh! little folks! I love that the camel isn't just a camel, but has whimsical feet.