Friday, July 2, 2010

A Room of My Own

I could go on and on about having a place for my crafty stuff. Maybe I'll blog at length about this, but for today, it suffices to say, I have a room in which to work again! Now that there's actual work to do in it, it was pretty easy. It still needs some refining and sorting and a couple boxes of magic from the garage need to be moved in, but I'm working on the little animal thing. I'm thinking it will have small tusks of some type and maybe clawed toes. It needs to dry standing for now to solidify its position.

Hey, Ang! Who's that orange guy?

1 comment:

Ang said...

WOW I LOVE this new four legged thing! I'm just in awe, love the shapes and whimsy of it. Can't wait to see more! And honored to see Cyc hangin' with your newest creations :) Yay for space!