Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Piece

This is a new piece. I think I posted pics of the little armatures. This piece is only 6" long! Her limbs and head are painted super sculpy. She has a wire armature that is flexible and a wire loop to hang her by. Her undergarment (she is wrapped with batting, then fabric) and dress are a cream silk/hemp blend fabric. The piece of lace over the top is an ancient piece of lace with gold thread. I'm thinking $40 including shipping. Let me know if you want her before I post her to etsy. Also let me know if I'm out of my mind on the price in either direction!


WingingIt said...

oh my gosh darling....i love your work....are you selling on etsy?? you would love beeswax! i have dipped many a dress in beeswax....the outcome is romantic, yet eerie...LOVE it.....i will explain the process to you if you are interested....wanna play??

Flora's Pond said...

I would love to play, if I lived closer! I moved to Reno 6 years ago! Romantic, yet eerie is right up my alley. I'm melting some right now in a mini crockpot! I have an etsy site, but nothing on it at present. Working on more product!